Swell Map


Laser cut coastline map picture that displays live ocean data. This thing connects to the internet and fetches local wave buoy data and changes the colour of the background depending on the height of the swell.

Red background = Large swell/3m+, Blue background = Medium swell/2m+, Green background = Small swell/2m-

The map can be cut to any coastline on Earth and connect to any one of the global network of National Data Buoy Center locations here http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/ 

The colour change is achieved by using a Photon Particle micro controller which is housed in the frame. The Photon connects to the internet through WiFi, fetches the data then changes a RGB backlight LED to correspond to the data, updating every hour, 24hrs a day. The software to operate this was written by me but is open source and in constant development.

The controller can ship pre programmed with your required location, but will need a little setting up to connect to your WiFi network.


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